How do i buy

Our sales policy is based on a very important feature: flexibility. Each client is special, has his/her own story or rhythm. The method of payment and the granted discounts make the observance of this personal rhythm possible and the contract can be carried on under the best conditions for both sides.

Here are the methods of payment:

  • full payment (cash/ bank transfer);
  •  the "Prima Casa" ("First Home") Program (over 92% of the apartments are eligible for this program);
  • rates directly at the developer;
  • through mortgage loan;
  • possibility of granting a grace period.

We have learned along our experience that every client needs a customized financing solution - and this is very important for each of them. To make us sure that the granted discount is really useful and valuable, we evaluate together with each client his/her needs:

  • in case of full payment discounts correlated with the size of the apartment and the desired extensions are granted; full payment is considered also a purchase through the "Prima Casa" program and also the contracts fully paid within a period of three months, regardless of the financing method (so, this category also includes the mortgage loan);
  • according to the system "rates at the developer", the discounts are granted for advance payments of at least 50%; the "rates at the developer" procedure is applied with a minimum advance payment of 20%, over a period of up to 10 years;
  • the clients having a rental contract can turn this into a sales contract, with the recognition of a part of the rent as an advance payment;




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