Services and facilities

We created Luceafarul as a special place, a cocoon in which the life stories of the residents reel off unhindered and uninterrupted by the daily and useless stress. The project was conceived in order to meet all your family`s needs through a variety of facilities necessary for everyday life. Coziness, relaxation and safety were our main coordinates:

  • parking places;

  • grass plots;

  • kindergarten;

  • Winnie Academy- primary school;

  • Volksbank- bank;


  • Uniqa- insurance company;

  • Dent Smile Design- dental clinic;

  • Microlit- shop arrangements, decorations and crafts;

  • Clever Children training;

  • Ramiluck- physiotherapy;

  • Sandu Lungu-Martial arts;

  • Spazio Idea- ceramic tiles, lighting systems, sanitary, furniture;

  • Bihoreanul- editorial office;

  • pavilion for the capricious weather;

  • non- stop video surveillance;
  • suspended gardens;

We know that you always want to be in the spotlight.
Therefore, we have built right in the center of the city the only premium residential complex in Oradea. Last but not least, our main concern was the selection of superior materials and last generation finishes. Then, we carefully selected all the services you might need for a lifestyle centered on comfort. We invite you to live in the Residential Complex Luceafarul. And yes, we guarantee that you will be in our spotlight!

Everything is at hand!

Your time is important, so shorter distances (Luceafarul is right in the center of the city) will bring you more time for the loved ones - instead of wasting it for endless trips to work, school or supermarket.
The ground floor of your block will offer you a beauty center - where you will be able to relax with a massage or humor yourself with a cosmetic treatment, a new hair style and trendy manicure. It is so simple!
And, because each day is so busy, the tendency to reserve the last place for you is very strong. But living in Luceafarul will leave no place for an excuse and you will even stick to the physical exercise program: the fitness center is right inside the residential complex.
For the youngest, most attention!
When designing the places adjacent to the living ones, we paid special attention to children's playgrounds: these are arranged according to the highest standards ... fun for the little ones! But, at the same time, these also offer a great comfort for the parents: they are located away from the traffic, so away from dangers and pollution. And, for the little ones to see the kindergarten as their home, we have prepared a kindergarten that is right at home! Not further than the ground floor of the block, your baby will find the best care and the best friends to play with!

A comfortable life

Finding a parking place when you return home is no longer a problem when you live in Luceafarul. There are specially designated parking places for residents, and their number is sufficient. Basically, your place is always booked!
Because we considered that you do not want to be disturbed all summer by the sledge of your little ones or you will want a place to store bicycles, winter tires or whatever you want, you can benefit from  your own specially designed basement storage room. So, you will be able to keep your apartment tidier, unoccupied.

Always safe

For a plus of comfort and an easier access, the building is equipped with: intercommunication system, access ramp, safety illumination, illumination with motion sensors on the corridors. Two maximum security and ultramodern lifts link all the upper floors and the underground parking place. The automatic illumination system, equipped with motion sensors, will illuminate the road in any point of the block you are.
We must also mention the stairs, spectacularly lit with natural light. And, because we observe the European norms for design in every detail, we also arranged a civil defense shelter in the basement. One more reason to sleep peacefully!

Home heat

Thermal comfort is one of the most important aspects of any habitat. Nevertheless, the optimisation of the consumption level is just as important. This is the reason why your thermal and financial comfort is handled by a last generation, automatic, gas heater, with separate meters and heat insulation that prevents you from loosing any heat and, implicitly, any money. The analysis of the thermal and energy parameters of both the building and its installations, performed by field specialists, represents an attestation of this fact, under the form of a energy performance certificate class A.Therefore, the block has an automated last generation heating station running on gas, with a separate registration system, that is responsible for your thermal and financial comfort.
Every apartment has an independent panel for the individual registration of all the utilities - there can be seen the consumption outside the apartment and the individual adjustment of the consumption of utilities can be made, every level having a technical room, which direct access to the climate control.
You can be sure that we chose the most effective solutions for you, regardless of the apartment that you will live in!

An exceptional area

Besides the facilities of the apartment and those of Luceafarul complex, you can reap the benefits of the area

1. commercial centers:

- Auchan;
- Jysk;
- Jumbo;
- Brico Depot;
- Mobexpert;
- Naturlich;
- Elvila;
- Era Shopping Center;
- Oradea Shopping City;
- Carrefour;
- Mini Market;
- food- market;
2. means of public transport: tram, bus;
3. various public institutions: City Hall, Police;
4. pharmacies, banks, schools, kindergartens, churches;
5. recreational points: parks, zoo, restaurants, cafes, confectioneries, gyms;
6. gas stations;
7. quick access to the city airport;


And something more!

In order to create yourself a truly comfortable home where to enjoy living many years from now on, we offer you a more special service: if you wish, you can benefit from the consulting services of a professional designer. So, you will be sure that you will find a perfect balance between efficiency and elegance.
Comfort, safety, a hospitable and relaxant atmosphere - a really hospitable community. Does it seem a luxury to you? No, it is just a comfort standard that you have to offer yourself.




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