Selina Invest – We build today for tomorrow

The projects carried on by us are strongly anchored in the present - through the innovative technologies that we use for the execution of our projects. But the future is the thing that really concerns us. We want to bring real architectural values and really contribute to the development of the city. Because Oradea is represented by its inhabitants and their needs related to a better life force us to be - in return - the best.

Selina Invest is member of the Selina Group of Companies, one of the leading competitors on the construction market in the Western part of the country. The strength of the group lies in the four companies of the consortium specialized in their activity segment:
Currently, Selina Group of Companies, by virtue of its more than 1.400 employees and over 500 machines and equipment, represents a strong competitive force, able to quickly mobilize itself for conducting large-scale works, of a superior quality, that certifies its leading position on the construction market in the Western part of the country.


Only our association with the best turns us into the best

Our vision would therefore remain a dream without a team of professionals able to transform it into reality. We add here our partners - carefully chosen - companies with a solid reputation, their experience in the field recommending them and making us sure that we will get the best results in carrying on our project. This is the only way we can be really competitive and keep our promises.
We are aware at every stage of the project that our work does not end the moment we handed the keys of an apartment to its new owner. For a customer`s needs and wishes do not suddenly end at that moment and because, for us, every customer is special. And, at Selina Invest, the special customers benefit from a preferential treatment.



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