Presentation of the apartments

The apartments in Luceafarul are not just blocks of flats. Through the ingenuity of the projects and the smart and elegant divisions, the space gets new valences, the relationship between the rooms is more balanced - and the everyday life becomes easier, more elegant. This is how we turn each story into reality.
The Residential Complex Luceafarul totals over 4.000 apartments. On Calea Aradului there are 1.000 of them, plus 1.200 parking places, storage rooms and 13.000 square meters of grass plot - the equivalent of more than one quarter of the total area of the complex. The construction of the apartments will take place over several construction phases.
Creating some flats with a distinct personality in the 3rd and 4th blocks allows us to offer you a range of flexible options. Thus, some apartments have smaller surfaces, this being balanced through the ingenuity of the living space utilization. Other apartments, that are more spacious, more generous, offer a new perspective on the classical concept of apartment. Choose what suits you!


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